Chilliwack, BC, Canada



 Support Membership Form

The Island 22 Horse Park was conceived by parents over 20 years ago and has been maintained, upgraded and loved by the Island 22 Horse Park Society consisting of those same parents and their grown children ever since.


As this park is a public facility having support from all of its varied users is very important to us. Your support allows us to apply for Government Funding Grants to help in the costs to maintain this beautiful park.


The Island 22 Horse Park Society is a group of volunteers. We do not get paid so all of the money that we collect from Funding Grants is used towards:


-         maintaining the width of the present trails (blackberry removal)

-         creating new trails and paths

-         Spring clean-up

-         replacing short life cottonwood trees with longer life evergreens

-         creating new cross country jumps for it primary use: ‘The First Public Cross Country Training Facility in Western Canada

-         providing training and rider improvement courses and events for all of our up-and-coming BC Riding Stars 

-         and promoting the beauty and uses of this amazing park.

Attached is a Support Membership form. Please fill it out and email it back to us at
. Please help spread the word about our amazing park and maybe print some out for your friends. Delivery info is on the bottom of the sheet. Please send the top sheet to us and let them keep page two. Thank you so much.

Your support is precious to us. Feel free to contact us through the info found on our contacts page on the website. As a supporter of the Island 22 Horse Park we hope to all be able to work together to make this amazing facility grow.


Thank You!

 From the Island 22 Horse Park Society.