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2016 Park Rental Fees

Please refer to the FVRD website for most up to date Fees and info.

Island 22 Horse Park is available for rent to approved user groups. In the past we have had Horse Events, Dog Trials and X-Country Running groups. If you are interested in hosting an event or clinic at the park please contact us with your date ideas and a description of your event. It must first be approved by the Society and then the FVRD before it can take place. 

Overnight camping is allowed if you have rented the equestrian side of the park for two or more days. Camping on the horse side of the park is subject to restrictions. Area must be kept CLEAN and HOLE FREE. Campfires must be approved for your group before the event date - subject to fire bans. 

Currently the fee options are for rental of the equestrian side of the park where this area of the park is shut down to all other users.

Note that casual Horse Clinic users do not have to rent the park. You pay the usual per horse user fee unless you wish your clinic to be exclusive and then the rental of the park is your option. This is for SMALL groups only and does not give you exclusive use of any jumps of rings.We do ask that you let us know before hand so that it can be added to the calendar for other users to be aware.

               Riding rings can be rented without closure of the park. Riders may use the rest of the park casually but the event must not extend into the rest of the park. Event must be approved by the Society who will forward it to the FVRD and the dates must be entered on our calendar. 

Please refer to our Calendar Page to see available times for rental.


To rent the park and reserve a time slot please contact:

Island 22 Equestrian Park Society




Video - Layout of Island 22 Park