Chilliwack, BC, Canada



 Island 22 has become popular due to the fact that it is so much more than a horse park.

Island 22 is also home to the very well known and well used Island 22 Boat Launch. Through out the week the boat launch parking lot will be filled, sometimes to over flowing, with sports fishermen trying their luck with the latest run. 

The horse park part of Island 22 has also become the safest and most enjoyable place for Chilliwack’s local dog walkers. On any day and at any time there will be people and their dogs out there enjoying the afternoon sun. A new off-leash dog area has been created in the old campsite area.

"It really is one of the few areas where they can go park and walk their dog and have a kind of forested area ...For people living in Chilliwack we are serving a lot of residents for sure when it comes to the off-leash area."

Horse riders and walkers please take note of this and use common sense, safety and courtesy on the trails at all times. Dogs MUST be leashed at all times in the horse park.  


Once a year Island 22 will suddenly become home to hundreds of high school cross-country runners enjoying our well maintained and safe trails for their yearly competition.