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Unbridled Mud Trials 2014

Fundraising Events - Just Past

Island 22 Pub Night

        March 13, 2010 - At Duke's Pub

                       We had a great turn out and a wonderful evening of friends  and family. It was great seeing people that we usually only see at the events. Everyone was clean and pretty and the food was great and to top it off the Canucks won the hockey game. YAA!! 


Island 22 Valentine's Fudge Fundraiser

In January 2010 we held a small fudge fundraiser in anticipation of Valentine's Day.

It was our first time doing something like this and we paved the way towards raising money for adding top footing on the new front riding ring. 






Horse Trials BC Fundraising Opportunities

Husky/Mohawk Gas Cards

For the past few years Husky/Mohawk Oil has been supporting HTs by forwarding to us 2% of fuel sales made at the pumps when card-holders fill up and swipe their Husky card.  For the past year it has earned HTBC over $500.00 .  Husky/Mohawk offers this program as a community service and the card is a no-obligation type of card which means you don’t have to sign your name anywhere to obtain it or to use it.  It is very easy to use when you fuel up with either gas or diesel at a Husky/Mohawk station.  At the pumps when using your credit card just follow the prompts and swipe your Husky card, and if paying at the till just hand your Husky card to the cashier along with your cash or credit card and HTBC receives 2% of your total fuel bill !!

We could be doing much more with this card but we need your help and support to better use this opportunity Husky has given us.  Family and friends can also support HTBC by using this card so contact HTBC today and we will mail you as many cards as you can use.  Contact HTBC by email at [email protected]    

Canada post , mail to HTBC,  21—35060 Clayburn Rd.  Abbotsford,BC  V2S 7Z2

or Ron Trickett 7443 Hitchcock Rd. Vernon, BC  V1B 3N8  phone/fax  250-558-7790


HTBC Enhancement Fund

The Enhancement Fund will benefit ALL HTBC riders whether or not they can contribute to the Fund.
The Enhancement Fund is a fund set up to "enhance" our sport.  It will support riders, event organizers and HTBC.  By supporting these areas, it will drive officials development, and promote our coaches as they prepare riders to compete.

Full details here. 


The HTBC Board is thrilled to announce that Taxable Donation Receipts for contributions to our enhancement fund are now available through the National Sport Trust Fund. Please make your contributions via credit card to our Fund, by going to the NSTF website at . Click on the Donate Online Now box, fill in the form and select the HTBC Enhancement Fund as the project you would like to donate to, from the drop down menu on the form. NOTE: If you want to have your contribution recognized by HTBC, so you qualify for the Championship awards, please print a copy of your donation confirmation. This can be scanned and emailed, or mailed in hard copy to the HTBC Treasurer, Margo Kozak.