Chilliwack, BC, Canada

You will no longer be allowed to park on the dyke infront of the bike park. You must park in the front equestrian parking lot. Chain is hooked and not locked.

$5 per car for parking fee. Pay at the gate house - cash or debit. 

A seasons pass parking fee is available at the gate house. 

For the most up to date Park info please refer to FVRD website.

 OPENING DAY - Photos and Story 

Hoots Website - Opening Day 

Times Article 

Please use caution riding on the dyke. It is a blind corner into the park and drivers can not see children on their bikes standing on the top of the dyke in front of the bike park.

DO NOT PARK ON THE DYKE IN FRONT OF THE BIKE PARK!! This could lead to towing. Park in the parking lot directly across. The chain is only hooked closed. Please re-hook when you leave.

Please - for everyone's safety - do not alter the jumps. If there is any jump or trail damage or an incident that needs to be reported please leave a detailed entry HERE - even though this is the Horse Park side website all reports on this Incident page will be forwarded immediately to the FVRD. 

After a long battle against the elements, the Island 22 bike park is complete- although the man in charge of building the new facility says it won't be ready for use until a few days of dry weather.

Jay Hoots and his Hoots Inc. crew were back at the site last week putting the finishing touches on the new park.

He said Thursday that the work would be finished.

"We're done," he said. "The agreed design based on the budgeting has already been done."

A flood of the park site during the year's freshet derailed hopes that the site would open during the summer.

"The flood was killer," Hoots said. "It was hard to manage bud-getarily, but it was even harder to take spiritually because we wanted to be here."

But Hoots said this year's flood enabled crews to construct the park to withstand future such events.

"With the drainage being between the river and the dike, there's a lot of technical challenges to work through," Hoots said. "If it hadn't rained, we wouldn't have the drainage [system] that we've got."

Instead, crews designed sinks and drainage systems beneath the surface of the park to eliminate the problems caused by standing water.

"We didn't conquer anything here. We learned how to co-exist." Now, he said, "it's about how fast we can get [the track] to dry off."

During consultation, local riders stressed the importance of a natural dirt surface. While that may make for the best riding, because it also is more susceptible to damage than artificial surfaces like gravel, Hoots says riders should refrain from riding on the track until at least two days of dry weather.

But when bikers do hit the track, Hoots is confident that they'll find it meets all their hopes.

While working on the park, one of Hoots's crew members came up to his boss and said: "Dude, this frickin' park is awesome."

"I totally agree," Hoots told the Times. "I'm very excited for Chilliwack. I know we'll be back here to ride."

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