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Park is open for riding - posted May 2, 2013

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Hi all - I have been getting a few emails and messages about riding at the park. Thought I would do one post and let you all know.

PARK IS OPEN DAILY!! 7am ish to 8. Gates close at 8!!

Price - free. Free until gate house opens. Expected opening is end of May.

Parking - park in the front lot!! The chain is only hooked closed so simple to open. It is also simple to close. hint hint. The water hose is now working so you can wash your horses after and there is a toilet at the front lot now.

Pony Club should have reset the practice jumps in the front ring (I honestly have been so busy I have not had a chance to head to the park and look). These jumps ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE MOVED ONTO THE COURSE!!! They MUST stay in the front ring.

Please check the website page in the windows on the right hand side regularly!! This is where I will be updating footing, mowing and water level status.

Currently the river is low and there is zero flooding at the park. This also means pretty much no bugs. I will monitor this as much as I can and update regularly on the website.

Please check park conditions BEFORE YOU DRIVE OUT. (sad how many people don't check. sigh)

The course for the Mt Cheam event is still set - levels Pre Entry to Training. There are a few scattered Preliminary jumps out there but not a lot.

Park Closed for Trail Work

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I am thrilled to finally be allowed to release some info to you that I have been struggling to contain. The FVRD was blessed with a grant from the federal government for parks that included the Island 22 Horse Trails specifically. I am so excited by this. We can only use the money for trail work but that is awesome. We will be attacking the blackberries big time, widening a few trails, fixing some drainage issues in a few trails and even creating a few trails. AUGH!! Excited!! Some trees will have to fall.

NO HORSES!!!! ZERO!! This is a major safety issue. There are going to be some danger and almost dead trees coming down and equipment outthere. We cannot have any horses out there.

Please share and spread this everywhere. I know the weather has cooperated recently but this is a big deal and we need to maximizethis amazing opportunity.

This is going to create some very exciting new courses andsome great opportunities for our drivers.

Thank you all. I am going to be putting out the call for trail cleaners to help with all the little stuff once the equipment is gone.

This is going to be sooooo exciting.


Fullfill your volunteer hour requirements at the Park

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Did you see your April Horse Council Newsletter that arrived in your in box today?!?!

There is a huge section for $1000 scholarships for Grade 12 graduates.

YOU NEED VOLUNTEER HOURS TO QUALIFY!! We are a Public Park and a Non-Profit Society so we qualify!

Come on out to Island 22 before the June 30th Submission cut off and volunteer to help in the Spring Clean up, jump painting, and tons tons tons more work needed and I will happily sign off on your volunteer hours AND I will write you a letter of recommendation to add to your resume or University submissions. You dont need to be an eventer to volunteer at the park. There are a lot of other equestrian sports that use the park and qualify for this Scholarship opportunity.


The Mt. Cheam Event is coming up this month and there is a lot of Spring cleanup needed. May is a huge month for jump preps and clean up.I have TONS of stadium jumps that need touch ups and lots of Preliminary X-country jumps that need staining.


Email me or message me on our Facebook page and we will get your volunteer hours rolling.



Horse Council BC Scholarships HCBC is pleased to announce the creation of up to five $1000.00 scholarships available to Horse Council BC members in good standing, who are a BC graduate from grade 12 and entering into a accredited College or University Study program. 

Criteria:Recipient must be a Horse Council BC member in good standing for at least two years prior to High School graduation or Scholarship application.Recipient must be a Graduate from a BC High School and be a resident of BC Home Study or online programs will not qualify for this scholarship 

Considerations:Volunteer hours at Equestrian Events and within their communityPast or current participant in the HCBC High School Recognition program

Academic excellence, minimum B average on transcriptCompetitive experience at Equestrian eventsProven Leadership, Sportsmanship and contribution to Equestrian SportEquine or agricultural studies may be given preference 

Application Process:Application deadline is June 30, 2012Applications must include a copy of the students interim transcriptApplications must include confirmation of intent to enroll in a Post Secondary Program at a college or university

Application must include a short essay that will reflect the student's eligibility for this scholarship and outline their post secondary plans. Please tell the scholarship committee why you feel you are a good candidate for the scholarship, and outline your contributions to the sport and your community.

Application must include proof of volunteering. 

The successful scholarship recipients will forward proof of enrollment in a post secondary school by August 15, 2012 and receive their award by cheque.

HCBC may require repayment of the scholarship should the recipient not complete the semester it was issued for.

This scholarship will not be awarded if the applicants do not meet the criteria and expectations outlined. Horse Council BC reserves the right to publish the name and picture of each scholarship recipient.





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The water jump is PERFECTION!!!

And some very smart people have even set up a standard infront of the big puddle and are practicing jumping in there. Brillinat!!

Footing is AMAZING!! TONS of people out there schooling.

Dont forget the Mt.Cheam 2 Day. It is coming up fast.


Also looking for Spring Cleanup Crew. Please please please email us and let us know you can help out.

Water jump as of March 9th

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Water jump is a tad full.

Very. lol

The rain is not helping the situation.

There are some wet spots through out the park - to be expected with all this rain. The main footing aroung the water jump area is very good. Avoid some of the darkest trails as they are really wet.

Thanks everyone!!!

Heads Up! Please Read

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Well we got a bit of a surprise at Island 22 today.If you read the updates on our Facebook page you would have heard about the Bike Park that is being built at Island 22 on the other side of the dyke - not the horse side. We have been in negotiations with the City and FVRD to make sure that the horse interests are looked after.They just were a tad behind on letting us know that due to construction that has started on the bike park this week and more than a few spectators that are ignoring the safety zones they have had to shut the park down for a few weeks.

The park is closed Monday to Friday from February 1 -17th. IT IS OPEN ON WEEKENDS!

  • The rings are in amazing condition. Perfect.There are still 8 to 10 stadium jumps in the front ring depending on how you set them up. LEAVE THEM THERE. Don't drag them onto the course please.
  • There is a tiny bit of water in the water jump but it is fluctuating.There are 4 courses (Pre-Entry to Training) still set up on course. It was a brilliant Training course so I challenge Preliminary riders to give it a try.
  • We are going to try to remove the jumps that are in the center trails as these areas tend to be wetter. If possible can you please avoid the jumps that are in obvious wet areas to preserve the footing.
  • The baby ditch footing should be good but the bigger ditch is in a wetter area so please check the footing before using. The gate house is closed so the park is free to use just use at your own risk and please respect the jumps, rings and property.

The Mt. Cheam Pony Club 2 Day Event is held this Easter Weekend. Forms will be up on the website soon so please stay tuned.

Winter at Island 22

Posted on October 24, 2011 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Well it is almost November.

The gate house at Island 22 is still open but only for another week or two. If you do go down it is only $10 per horse trailer and it doesn't matter how many horses your trailer holds - 2 or 20 - it is a flat rate of $10 considered a parking fee now. All other vehicles must pay 5$ parking fee as well.

Park in the front parking area only please!!

Pay with cash at the gate house.

Once the gate house is closed it is free to ride but please be aware that all damage to rings and jumps is paid for by the Society and done by volunteers.


Currently the courses are still all set up but only for another week or two. Heinrich hurt his back slightly and sitting in a tractor for many hours to move jumps was not on his wish list. He is feeling better though and he and Rolf should be out there pretty soon to move a majority of the cross country jumps off the course. They will leave a handful around the water jump and one or two on the plateau where they can get a decent amount of sun. Rot is our worst enemy.


The footing is very good but there are some muddy spots due to tons of rain. Use your helmet covered noggin when galloping out there.

It is still quite good for buggies.


The water jump is PERFECT for everyone right now. It will fluctuate in depth weekly but it is pretty much perfect depth at the moment.


All three rings have 100% perfect footing. Cant get any better in an outdoor. The front ring at the front parking area contains 10 jumps in it with poles and cups donated by the Society and the Mt. Cheam PC. Please be nice to them and leave them in the ring for other users.


Thank you.


The Year 2012 is our 25th Anniversary!!



Check out our Facebook page for the most up to date information about the park, events and the Society.

Special thanks goes to...

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“Thanks to the two trailer loads of riders (all 8 of you) who came to school on our closed cross country course so you could prepare to ride at Aspen in the US. We were busy preparing for our event next weekend (which is why the course was closed) so that the course can be the best that it could be for our faithful BC riders who are staying in BC to compete.” If we knew for sure who you are, we would be asking for a donation to help repair the footing damage that you did to the course!”




Park update

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Hey everyone!!

The park conditions have improved amazingly.

The water jump is almost perfect and in a few days it will probably be dry and we will have to fill it again. lol

The mowing is starting in spots today and in huge swatches on Friday.

Lots of jumps have been moved off the course to allow for proper mowing but they will be back in place slowly through out the week.

Please check the facebook page for immediate updates on jumps being replaced. Lots of permanent jumps to jump though!!!

Remember the new fee schedule (cheaper).


The Sockey season has started and the park is NUTS with fisherman. Please be aware that we need to share the front parking lot with fishermen and we are going to encourage people to park on the grass over the weekend as the lot will be full.

The water hose will remain open and clear to use.

Thanks all!

New 2011 Day Fees Posted

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On July 1st the gate house opened and a new fee schedule for day fees and seasons passes went into affect.

Please check out the FEES page for details.